Technical Bulletins



Date: AUGUST, 1991

The Super All Traction 23° Premium rear tractor tire was introduced in 1990, with excellent acceptance by users. Since that time, many Firestone farm tire customers have asked how and where the Traction Field and Road line fits in terms of application and usage. Many times this uncertainty is illustrated by the customer asking on what size or how high horsepower tractor can the Traction Field and Road be used.

The answer is that TFR can be and is used on the highest horsepower tractors that are on the marker today. The TFR line is our broadest line offering in terms of size availability. It is also our economy priced offering for bias rears. The SAT 23° is a premium bias rear which gives better wear and road-ride performance than TFR. The SAT costs more than TFR but the customer gets more overall performance for his/her dollar too.

Firestone does not put a "ceiling limit" on horsepower for the TFR. We recommend it on a wide variety of general agricultural use.