Straddle Carrier Tires From Firestone

Straddle carrier tires are used in rail yards and port terminals where large shipping containers are repeatedly moved, stacked, and stored. The constant weight fluctuation common with this type of equipment requires extra durability and stability. Firestone straddle carrier tires offer maximum cut protection and field-tested wear resistance.

All Firestone tires are put to the test at the Firestone Farm Tire Test Center, a 350-acre testing facility dedicated to continuing Harvey S. Firestone’s legacy, a commitment to excellence in the field.

PTLD - Plain Tread Loader & Dozer Tire

The PLAIN TREAD LOADER DOZER bias tire offers maximum cut protection for extreme service loader/dozer applications including transporting and loading applications on improved surfaces on docks and in rail yards.

SRG - Super Rock Grip Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias tire offers a wide base for added stability and rubber compounds designed for wear resistance on improved surfaces in dock and in rail yard applications.