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Technical Bulletins

F-082-XDate: JANUARY, 2003

Agricultural flotation tires, particularly 20" rim diameter tires used on fertilizer applicator vehicles, are frequently subjected to significant over-deflection (underinflation and/or overloading). This type of usage can damage the tire in ways that may not be immediately noticed and can lead to a tire failure. This is a particular concern if used on-road at higher speeds (maximum 30 mph).

Safety Warning:
On-road usage — even for short distances — at speeds higher (maximum 30 mph) than in the field with farm tires that are damaged or over-deflected can cause a sudden tire failure that could lead to serious personal injury or death.


  1. Use the proper tire for the application.
  2. Always inflate to recommended pressure.
  3. Do not overload.
  4. Never exceed the tire speed limit.

Overloading may be resolved by properly fitting another tire, by the addition of a tag or push axle, or by utilizing a nurse vehicle.

Application, load, inflation pressure, and maximum speed information can be found in the Firestone Farm Tire Data Book or online at

Call Firestone Field Engineering at 1-800-847-3364 for more information.