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Technical Bulletins

Bead Seating Procedures of Farm Tires Mounted on Single Piece Rims


The Firestone Farm Data Book outlines mounting, inflating and demounting guidelines for agricultural tires. This information is found in the General Farm Tire Information, Warnings and Safety Precautions section in the Data Book and can also be found online here.

Tire changing can be dangerous and should be done by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures.  Before servicing tires, always read and understand any manufacturer's warning contained in the customer's literature or molded into the tire sidewall.  Farm tires to be mounted on single piece wheels are covered by the following Rubber Manufacturers Association Safety Warning:

  • NEVER inflate beyond 35 pounds pressure to seat beads
  • NEVER stand, lean or reach over the assembly during inflation

Inspect both sides of the tire to be sure the beads are evenly seated.

If tire is mounted on a machine that does not have a positive lock-down device to hold the wheel, inflation should be done in a safety cage or other restraining device.

If both beads are not properly seated when pressure reaches 35 psi, completely deflate the assembly, reposition the tire and/or tube on the rim, relubricate (both tire and rim) and reinflate.

Inflating beyond 35 psi air pressure when trying to seat beads is a DANGEROUS PRACTICE that may break a tire bead (or even the rim) with explosive force, possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

Always lubricate tires/rims using only approved tire mounting lubricant or mild vegetable oil soap solution.  Never use antifreeze, silicones or petroleum-base lubricants.  This will damage the tire.

The use of any flammable material during tire servicing is absolutely prohibited.  Use of starting fluid, ether, gasoline or any other flammable material to lubricate, seal or seat the beads of a tubeless tire can cause the tire to explode or can cause the explosive separation of the tire/rim assembly, resulting in serious injury or death.

Once the beads have been seated, inflate the tire to the manufacturer's recommended cold inflation pressure for the tire's intended service.  This operating pressure may be above or below the seating pressure.  Consult the Load & Inflation Tables in the Firestone Farm Tire Data Book for the correct pressure.