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Technical Bulletins

Tractor Tire Innertube Valve Corrosion

Date: MARCH, 2003

NOTE: This bulletin replaces Firestone Technical Bulletin # F-018-X dated June 1991.

Valve corrosion is periodically seen in some tractor tubes filled with ballast solution. Geographically, this occurs more often in Canada and the northern tier of the USA, possibly because of the use of oil field brine. When observed, the following action should be taken.

  1. Use only calcium chloride mixture. Do not use a brine solution or a mixture of brine solution and calcium chloride because the brine solution is very corrosive. It may be necessary to dispose of old ballast to assure that only calcium chloride is present.  
  2. Fill the tube with ballast to slightly above valve level with valve at the 12 o'clock position. This assures that no air contacts the valve during wheel rotation. Corrosion can be minimized or prevented if the valve and housing are completely submerged at all times. 
  3. Assure that there is no contact between the brass valve stem and the rim. Center the valve in the rim hole and use only plastic rim nuts.

Notify Russellville Technical Service at 1-800-553-6008 if these measures fail to correct the problem.