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Technical Bulletins

Liquid Ballasting of Tubeless Rear Tractor Tires

Date: FEBRUARY, 1998

Field performance of liquid ballasted tubeless rear tractor tires is revealing certain concerns of end users:

  • Liquid seepage between tire bead and rim
  • Rim rust
  • Potential for rim to tire slip
  • Wide knurling on some older rim bead seats, which are more conducive to tube-type tires, allows air and water to leak between rim and tire

The Firestone Agricultural Tire Company recommends that a natural rubber innertube be installed prior to adding liquid ballast to the tire. The innertube will protect the rim from rusting, will stop leakage of air and water between tire and rim, and will keep the beads dry to resist rim to tire slip. It is the responsibility of the end user to purchase an innertube prior to adding liquid ballast.  NOTE: Firestone's warranty does not cover a tire that has failed due to a rust rim.

Call Firestone Field Engineering at 1-800-847-3364 if you have any questions.