Firestone University

Firestone University – A COMMITMENT TO SERVICE

Agriculture is constantly evolving and growing more sophisticated. And just as producers must change to remain competitive, so must those who serve them.

That’s why we established Firestone University. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive farm tire learning resource is designed to help Certified Firestone Dealers and their employees deliver the most knowledgeable service – the best product technology information possible.


Over the course of three days, Firestone brand tire staff personnel present twelve different study units covering everything from product service, technical issues, warranties, adjustment information and equipment trends – the latest information and practices.

The goal is to maintain the superior quality of the Certified Firestone Farm Tire Dealer network and the critical service needs of today’s agriculture, forestry and construction industries. Firestone University demonstrates our support of the Firestone Farm Tire Dealer and commitment to the customers they serve.

We’re proud to build the most-preferred farm tires in the U.S., and because of programs like Firestone University, we have a highly trained and knowledgeable dealer network to support them.