BASys Reporting

Reports generated by processing through the BASys Manufacturing system are designed to help fleet managers make better business decisions on future tire and retread purchases.


Some of the reports available:


• Brand Analysis

• Tire Size Analysis

• Tread Design Analysis

• Repair Analysis

• NRT Reason Analysis

• Scrap Tire Analysis

• Adjustment Analysis

• Casing Aging Analysis

• Casing Recovery (Rebill/Warranty) Analysis

• Retread/Repair History By Customer

• Retread/Repair History By Vehicle Number

• Retread/Repair History By Tire Tag Number

• Customer Activity Report

• Customer Retread Report

• Charts & Graphs PC Interface

• Tire Bank Reports

BASys Key Reports:

Retread Customer Snapshot

Lists the top eight out-of-service reasons for both current month and year-to-date. Disposition summary at bottom of report summarizes previous month’s activity. Report includes the monthly average pull point tread depth.


Retread History by Customer

Lists each retread completed, by work order--‐line number with information on each tire.


Note: Value of times capped and pull point tread depth information as it pertains to casing brands and series that customers are retreading.


Retread Tracking

Lists status of each casing picked up during the date range specified. Casings listed in barcode number order. Tires already returned to customer locations will display date returned and the invoice number. The report will show a summary of what happened to each tire by each customer terminal and grand totals for your customer. This report is the perfect “What happened to every one of my tires picked up this month?” report.


Fleet Customer Bank Report

List of each finished retread, broken down by servicing dealer location, ready to be returned back to your customer locations. Report broken down by casing size and tread design.

Turnaround Report

For date range specified, displays each work order line number and the number of days it took to turnaround each tire. Definition of start and end date that determines turnaround can be designated as from date of pickup to date finished retread was returned to one of your locations.