Firestone Farm Tire Test Center - Columbiana


It is no small achievement that the same company to introduce the first pneumatic tractor tire in 1932 remains the leading farm tire brand in America today.

Much of this success can be credited to a farm near Columbiana, Ohio – a place where Harvey Firestone grew up as a fourth-generation farmer and where he would return and test the tractor tires he built.

The 400-plus-acre Firestone Farm Tire Test Center located in Columbiana, Ohio, is the only research facility in the world fully dedicated to the testing of agricultural tires.


Twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, Firestone farm tires endure the most extreme and punishing conditions. We push tires to their breaking point and then evaluate them with state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Today, the center is a recognized resource for farm tire performance and development information and represents our commitment to building farm tires with productivity, durability, serviceability and strength.

A Machine that lives up to its Name

Perhaps the most punishing and abusive tests at the Firestone Farm Tire Test Center involve the “Mean Machine” – a one-of-a-kind 30-ton behemoth that can exert more than 34,000 pounds of pull.

Loaded with an array of diagnostic technologies, the Mean Machine mimics the resistance of the biggest, heaviest equipment in agriculture – measuring traction, drawbar pull, wheel slip, bar tear and overall tire strength.

Made to Work. Built to Last. Proven to Perform.

The entire Firestone brand farm tire product line – as well as competitive products – is evaluated at the Firestone Test Center. We test new tread designs and rubber compounds, evaluate advancements in tire technologies and partner with equipment manufacturers to meet the growing demands of the American farmer.

It was here, for example, where Firestone engineers developed and tested the now famous 23-degree tread design – one of the most significant advancements in farm tire productivity. The test center was also instrumental in evaluating the Firestone Advanced Deflection Design (AD2) technology for performance and durability.

Equipment engineers from around the world visit Columbiana to discuss their projects and to learn “what’s next” in farm tire development and capabilities. We also provide tire data to predict performance and engineering needs for future products.