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Made in America

Made in Des Moines for Generation After Generation

Go inside the walls of the Firestone Ag tire plant.

The Des Moines Plant Is 75 Years Young. See How We Keep It That Way.

In the second episode of the Made in Des Moines series, we explore how the Firestone Ag plant has withstood the test of time and continues to adapt with advancements made over the years. Hear from employees on important technology upgrades and process evolution. This is a story of change.

Des Moines Plant Facts



Build tires from a rim diameter of 14" up to 54" and everything in between.


Produces tires for agriculture, forestry, off road and ATV equipment.


Only tire plant with Gold Level Malcom Baldrige certification, awarded in 2016 and does not expire.

American Tires. Global Progress.

Becoming an icon of American agricultural history is not an easy task. In the case of Firestone, it stretches back to the day in 1945 when the Firestone tire plant in Des Moines, Iowa began to produce tires for the U.S. military. Today, that story continues as the Des Moines plant produces over 800,000 pounds of rubber every day and approximately 90% of all agricultural products that Firestone sells in the United States and Canada. It is a crucial provider to agriculture, forestry and construction industries around the world. But at no point have we ever lost sight of our primary focus - the American Farmer.

75 Years of Making Tires that Make America Farm

Farm equipment keeps getting bigger, increasing the burden on tires. Our engineers continue to develop tires that fit the changing need of the farmer, allowing for higher yields and maximization in the fields. And that is what keeps the American farmer going.


Des Moines, Iowa - The Home of Firestone Ag

Over the course of 75 years, the plant has withstood the test of time and continues to evolve and adapt to farm tire industry advancements, honing the craft of building a high-quality, American-made product. At 106 acres, the facility has one of the largest manufacturing footprints in central Iowa. As an integral part of the Des Moines community and central Iowa region, the facility employs more than 1,250 teammates, many are fourth or fifth generation of their families to work in the plant. 175 of the plant’s workers are fully qualified tire builders, a complex process that can take up to 24 months of training. If you would like to join them, check out open jobs at Des Moines.