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23° Tread Bar Advantage

For years, farm tires were stuck in a rut. Then in [1950], Firestone introduced the innovative 23° tread design, offering a solid solution to poor traction in the field. Today’s 23° technology offers a longer, smoother ride with more even tread wear. With increased traction, the 23° bar helps to maximize horsepower, making it possible to save both time and fuel in the field.

The 23° Tread Bar Difference:

  • More Tread in the working tire footprint
  • Lower tread angle delivers better grip and 15% better bar-to-ground contact than 45-degree tread bars
  • More even tread wear means a longer lasting, smoother

Same Field. Same Load. No Comparison.

We put the Firestone Radial All Traction 23° R-1 up against the Michelin® Agribib® R-1W in a
side-by side, tread-to-tread comparison, and the finish wasn’t even close.

Don't Take Our Word for it

Nearly 50 observers attended the Firestone vs. Michelin traction demonstration. Here’s what
they had to say.

"We’ve used Firestone tires on our farm for 25 years and always liked the traction. You would think Michelin’s deeper bar wouldn’t slip as much. I thought there was a difference before – this demonstration reassured me.”


Dean Manthe, DeForest, WI, Manthe Grain Farms

"It was a fair and balanced demonstration – I was picked to ride in one of the tractors to monitor the RPM. I was surprised at the difference in the outcome. The 37 feet is a significant difference in time and fuel.”


Doug Yelk, Marshall, WI, Yelk Farms, LLP

"I was surprised that the deeper bar on the Michelin didn’t offset Firestone’s R-1 bar with the 23° angle. I now have an answer for those who question the “deeper bar” difference. I don’t know how anyone could have made the demonstration more fair.”


Mike Earhart, Cedar Rapids, IA, GCR Tire*

"I sell Michelin, Titan® and Goodyear® tires as well as Firestone. This demonstration convinced me that the 23° bar makes a difference. Michelin tested their tires in wet soil conditions, but in normal soils like we saw, it doesn’t compete as well.”


Tom Sandboth, Griswold, IA, Sandbothe Firestone*

* Firestone Certified Farm Tire Dealer

About Bridgestone Americas, Inc: 

Nashville, Tennessee-based Bridgestone Americas, Inc. (BSAM) is the U.S. subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company. BSAM and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and market a wide range of Bridgestone, Firestone and associate brand tires to address the needs of a broad range of customers, including consumers, automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers, and those in the agricultural, forestry and mining industries. The companies are also engaged in retreading operations throughout the Western Hemisphere, and produce air springs, roofing materials, and industrial fibers and textiles. The BSAM family of companies also operates the world’s largest chain of automotive tire and service centers. Guided by its One Team, One Planet message, the company is dedicated to achieving a positive environmental impact in all of the communities it calls homep.