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AD2 Technology

Welcome To a New Standard for Tractor Tire Performance

Firestone's Advanced Deflection Design (AD²) technology features innovative construction that helps make it possible to achieve a new level of field performance. AD² technology enables producers to carry the same load at a lower tire pressure, offering a smoother ride while reducing fuel consumption and decreasing soil compaction compared to comparable Firestone radial tires.


Increased Load Capacity

Tires with AD² technology are available in IF and VF designations, depending on the application. IF tires offer up to 20% greater load capacity - and VF tires offer up to 40% greater load capacity at the same inflation compared to standard radial tires. When the axle load stays the same, the inflation pressure can be lowered compared to standard radials.

Saves Fuel & Time

In internal studies led by our research farm in Columbiana, Ohio, Firestone tractor tires with AD² technology have a larger footprint which increases traction. Of the tires tested, we saw an increased fuel savings of as much as 4%, and time savings of as much as 5%, compared to standard Firestone radial tires.

Decreased Compaction

Today's larger, heavier equipment can lead to more soil compaction issues. Firestone tires with AD² technology operate at a lower inflation pressure compared to standard radial tires, which helps reduce soil compaction.

Cyclical Field Operation

Firestone CFO harvest tires can carry more load than standard radial tires and are engineered for the extreme load cycles that are part of the harvest season.

Firestone Ag Tires - Built to Yield

If you're truly serious about maximizing farm performance, Firestone AD2 tires deliver more load and more traction that can save time while burning less fuel.

Tread Matters

Hear first-hand from Iowa farmer, Ben Riensche, as he shares how he has come to rely on the traction and flotation that Firestone Ag tires with AD² technology deliver in a high yield environment.

AD² Technology In Action

We put more into our tires so you get more out of them.

AD² Technology

Farm equipment keeps getting bigger, increasing the burden on tires. Our engineers continue to develop tires that fit the changing need of the farmer, allowing for higher yields and maximization in the fields. And that is what keeps the American farmer going.


Destination Farm

Firestone Destination Farm radial implement tires with AD² technology help reduce soil compaction by running on lower pressure, on a wider track to distribute the weight over a larger surface area.


You’re not alone in the field

The Firestone network of dealers knows our tires inside and out and can tell you anything you want to know about what kind of farm tire is right for any job or piece of equipment.