Firestone Ag Warranty

At Firestone, we believe a job isn’t done until it’s done right. That’s why we stand behind our tires with a 9 year warranty, the most complete in the agricultural tire business. Whether you’re using radial or bias Firestone tires, you should expect quality, or expect us to make it right.

What is Warrantied

  • • Any eligible tire covered by the Limited Warranty that has become unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control
  • • Tire must have at least 2/32nds of an inch of tread

Radial Warranty

  • • Free tire replacement and mounting through the first two years*
  • • Free coverage through the Radial Tire Limited Warranty period and up to nine years pro rata**

Bias Warranty

  • • Free tire replacement and mounting through the first year*
  • • Free coverage through the Bias Tire Limited Warranty and up to eight years pro rata**

Tires Covered

  • • Original-tread Firestone brand radial or bias agricultural tires purchased or manufactured after January 1, 2009
  • • Warranty does not include tires marked “NO ADJ” or “NA” or tires without the Firestone serial number


Firestone Warranty Card Overview Brochure
Full Firestone Ag Warranty Information Brochure
Firestone Forestry Warranty

Firestone Warranty Information

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*With proof-of-purchase attached to a claim form, and only if the tire is worn less than 25 percent. Does not include tires made for or used in pulling contests, or tires not containing the Firestone serial number.
**With proof-of-purchase attached to a claim form, or if proof-of-purchase is unavailable, or if tire was not purchased new, then based on years from date of manufacture.

To read the full limited warranty, stubble damage policy and field hazard policy for Firestone brand bias and radial ag tires, visit http://www.firestoneag.com/warrantyinfo.asp.