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Rubber Tracks for Tractors

Made for Agriculture. Built to Farm Hard.

You told us you needed agricultural tracks that make your tractor (and your job) run smoother from every angle. We heard you, and we engineered everything from the rubber compounds to the track structure with you in mind.

Tread Matters

Hear first-hand from North Dakota farmer, Tim Berntson, as he shares how Firestone Ag tracks have improved the performance of his equipment.

What is unique about Firestone Tracks

Learn about Pro-Edge Design and other features on Firestone Rubber Tracks.


Ag Track Tech


Exposed track edges are more vulnerable in the field. Firestone’s optimum sidewall protection technology strengthens our rubber tracks to reduce damage by minimizing stress and bending.

Tough & Flexible Steel Cable

A precise balance of tensile strength, flexibility, and durability helps these cables meet the demands of high-horsepower farm equipment.

Ag Track Tech


Tread bars and main carcass are vulcanized as a single piece, binding it together for a seamless molded radius. The rubber compound was developed to provide added wear resistance.

Guide Lugs

Like the tread bars, our guide lugs are vulcanized seamlessly with the main carcass, incorporating a wear resistance compound for added durability.

Inner Surface

Inside, a specially-formulated rubber compound offers additional cut resistance for the roller path area.



Adjusting the alignment is one of the most important procedures to prolong the life of the rubber tracks. Each track will have a different tendency in terms of tracking performance and is likely to change during its service life. Tracking performance is related to many of the following factors:

Machine Related

• Undercarriage frame
• Assembly quality
• Tolerance of components
• Wear of components and aging deterioration
• Track gauge
• Camber effect
• Difference in weight distribution between the inside and outside of
the tractor

Track Related

• Track width
• Uneven tread wear


Firestone Ag rubber tracks come with a standard limited warranty.

Find the Right Tracks

Now you can take the guess work out of finding the right tracks for your equipment with the Friestone Tracks Product Selector.