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How to Read a Farm Tire Sidewall

Every Sidewall Tells a Story

Here's How to Read It

Each farm tire sidewall includes important information about the size, tread, load index and speed ratings, production code as well as safety and bead seating warnings. These details can help assess tire safety and also inform your next tire purchase.


1. Tire Size

- 320 tells the nominal section width in millimeters. This is the measurement from one sidewall to another.

- 65 is the aspect ratio. The lower the ration, the lower the sidewall height.

- The letter R indicates radial construction. Read more about Radial Traction Solutions and see a Traction Comparison Chart.

-15 indicates the rim diameter and means this tire would fit a rim with a 15 inch diameter.

2. Load Index Number and Speed Rating

The load index is the two or three digit code that indicates the load carrying capacity of the tire. Maximum load goes hand in hand with the speed stated by the speed symbol. Together these numbers can be considered a variable performance rating. 

- Load Index - Load carrying capacity of the tire.

- Load Index Values - Range from 50-209.

- International Load Index Chart

- Speed Rating - Maximum speed for tire.

- A Rated Tires - Slower speeds.

- G Rated Tires - Faster speeds.

3. Date Code

Date Codes tell you where your tire was made as well as the week and year it was manufactured.

- Code for manufacturing location - VE is the code for tires produced as Bridgestone/Firestone Des Moines, Iowa.

- First two numbers - This is the week your tire was made.

- Last two numbers - This is the year your tire was made.

- "0819" 0 Indicates a tire manufactured on the 8th week of 2019.

4. Bead Seating Warning

The bead seating marking on the sidewall shows you the maximum inflation pressure to seat the bead, which allows the tire to be inflated to the correct pressure. When you operate tires at the recommended inflation pressure, you minimize soil compaction and increase fuel efficiency.

5. Safety Warning

Any safety warning information is located closer to the wheel rim. 

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