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Technical Bulletins

Device for Protecting Tires from Stubble Damage

F-058-X Date: MARCH, 1995

Supplement F-009-X Date: MAY, 1991 

Stubble piercing is a condition where slivers of corn, bean, cotton, sunflower, etc. stalks penetrate completely through the tire, resulting in a flat. Stubble wear is a condition where corn, bean, cotton, sunflower, etc. stalks wear completely through the tread rubber exposing the cords in the tire body. Both conditions result in premature tire removal. A device that has been working well for over 20 years, in sunflower fields of North Dakota, is a length of 2" well pipe positioned ahead of the tires just low enough to knock down the stubble. The device is suspended from a frame in front of the tractor with heavy chain links so that the pipe will move if it strikes anything, but will not strike the tires. The same principle can be used for putting on headers to protect combine tires.This device could be modified to work in more severe stubble conditions.

Bean stubble could be knocked down with a larger, heavier pipe.

Corn stubble could be knocked down with a larger pipe filled with sand.

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