Rigid Dump Truck Tires From Firestone

Rigid dump truck tires are those designed to meet the unique challenges of high-powered load carrying equipment. These tires are designed for a variety of conditions, with improved wear resistance, and the ability to stand up to scorching temperatures and constant weight fluctuations.

Before Firestone rigid dump truck tires make it to you, they must first get the nod from the 350-acre Firestone Farm Tire Test Center, where all of our tires are developed and tested to ensure that Firestone tires are the best in the field.  

SRG - Super Rock Grip Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias tire offers a wide base for added stability and rubber compounds designed for wear resistance on improved surfaces in dock and in rail yard applications.

SRG DT - Super Rock Grip Deep Tread Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP DEEP TREAD bias tire is designed for a variety of haulage trucks, with certain sizes designed to withstand heavy loads and scorching temperatures of slab and slag carriers. Also designed for a number of industrial applications.