Severe Service Tires From Firestone

When you’re working with construction, waste, and municipal fleets, severe service tires  are the right choice. High performance vehicles need high performance tires that do their job under the toughest of conditions. 

From all position wide base radials to extreme service drive tires, Firestone is the name you can trust for severe service tires. Check out our extensive collection and talk to a Certified Firestone Dealer today.


All-Position Radial tire engineered specifically for refuse, high-scrub, short-haul applications.

FS818 Tire

On/Off highway, all position wide base radial tire for severe service applications.

FD835 Tire

Aggressive block drive tire that is used in on/off highway applications.

FS820 Tire

All-Position radial recommended for steer, drive, and trailer positions in on-/off-highway service.

T819 Tire

An all-position radial designed for steer, drive, and trailer positions in on/off-highway service.

T831 Tire

Extreme service drive tire for on/off highway applications.