Truckload Tires From Firestone

Truckload tires, including distribution and P&D need to be built to last. The potential for heavy and varying load weights can lead to uneven tread wear and a shorter service life. With options such as tie bars that help to control the movement of the treat block, irregular wear can be minimized, resulting in a longer service time.

The ability to retread is an important cost saving option among tires in this category, and Firestone offers truckload tires that are engineered to protect the casing from damaging heat, to enhance retreadability.

FD663 Tire

Drive Radial tire that specializes in local P&D service and special service.

FD690 PLUS Tire

Recommended for tandem and single drive axle applications in long haul service, regional haul service and pickup and delivery service.

FD691 Tire

A fuel efficient closed shoulder tandem axle drive tire designed for long- and regional-haul service.

FS591 Tire

An on-highway all-position radial tire recommended for steering applications in long-haul and regional service.

FT491 Tire

A radial tire suitable for all-position use but designed for single- and tandem-axle trailer and dolly applications in long haul and regional service.