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Tire Care & Maintenance

Proper Inflation

There are many things to check before field operations, tire inflation may seem one of the least important. In today's agriculture - with larger equipment and heavy loads, running on tires that are not properly inflated can be expensive.

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Product Information

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When conducting preseason equipment inspections, don’t forget your tires. Inspecting your tires can help to avoid downtime in the field, and increase your profitability when the proper inflation pressure is used. Firestone Ag has developed seven simple steps toward proper tire care.

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The numbers behind the performance for all Firestone Agriculture tires.

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Load & Inflation Tables

Detailed specifications for Firestone Ag products

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Product Brochures

A library of information right at your fingertips.

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Tire Info: Kilogram loads and tra equivalent pound loads (Not Applicable to Passenger Car or Truck-Bus Tires).

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RCI Chart

RCI chart is designed to assist you in choosing a front and rear tire combination that matches the ratio of the MFWD tractor provided by the original tires.

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