Tread: The Traction Solution

The combination of Firestone’s AD² technology and 23° tread bar design delivers unprecedented traction in the field. AD² technology helps deliver a bigger footprint, while our 23° tread design means more tire gripping the ground. It all adds up to better traction, better fuel economy, and less time in the field.

You don’t have time to mess around, choose tires that don’t either.

For more information on Firestone’s approach to traction, talk to your local Certified Firestone Dealer.


Traction Comparison Chart

Normal Tread Tires (R1)

For very dry, dry or damp soils, choose from Firestone’s proven line of radial and bias R-1 tires:

• Radial All Traction 23°
• Radial All Traction FWD
• Super All Traction 23°
• Super All Traction FWD
• Radial 9100
• Performer Series
• Super All Traction HD


If you’re working in wet or sticky soils, select the Firestone R-1W tire that’s right for you:

• Radial All Traction DT
• Radial Deep Tread 23°
• Radial All Traction RC
• Radial 9000
• Performer Series
• Radial 4000
• Maxi Traction



For super wet conditions like rice and can farming ands tanding water, Firestone offers special purpose tires:

• Radial Champion Spade Grip
• Champion Spade Grip


23° Tread Bar Technology

Firestone’s innovative tread design offers improved traction and tread wear that helps to maximize horsepower. Enjoy a smoother ride while you save time and fuel in the field.