Farming has few guarantees. This is one of them.

Expect quality. Or expect us to make it right.

Dealers, four easy steps to submit your claim*



Receive proof of purchase from customer. If not available, the 4-digit serial number can be used to determine the age of the tire.



Login to Entirenet and submit the claim. (An RGA form is not required to return Ag tires for adjustment.)



Mail in or email the claim form, labor form, and proof of purchase (if one is provided) to Firestone Ag (



Ship tire(s) to Firestone Ag – must meet min. weight requirement of 1000 lbs.**

Once we receive the tire and paperwork, your claim is processed in 5 business days.


Warranty Basics


  • Free tire replacement and mounting through the first two years*
  • Free coverage through the Radial Tire Limited Warranty period and up to nine years pro rata**

  • Free tire replacement and mounting through the first two years*
  • Free coverage through the Bias Tire Limited Warranty period and up to eight years pro rata**
  • Original-tread Firestone brand radial or bias agricultural tires purchased or manufactured after January 1, 2009
  • Warranty does not include tires marked “NO ADJ” or “NA” or tires without the Firestone serial number 


  • Any eligible tire covered by the Limited Warranty that has become unusable for any reason within the manufacturer’s control
  • Tire must have at least 2/32nds of an inch of tread

Our Warranties Farm Hard


“The overall support we get from Firestone is exceptional. There are other warranties out there, but I think the Firestone process is the easiest. They spend so much more on testing their products and supporting their dealers, and it shows when the products come out. My family has been selling Firestone since 1933, and we’ll continue to do so because of their support.”

Ron Hearn, Cy & Charley’s, Independence, Iowa



Our Warranty farms harder.



* For all Certified Associate Dealers, please return the adjustment tire and all required paperwork to the Firestone Direct Dealer that you purchased the replacement tire from for processing. You will receive proper adjustment credit from that Firestone Direct Dealer.

** If a tire adjustment claim is over 30 days old and the 1,000-pound weight has not been met, the tire(s) can be shipped collect using the approved freight carrier. Because these tires are being shipped collect, FSAG has the right to select the freight carrier to be used. For returns totaling <9,500 pounds contact Old Dominion at 800-235-5569 – select option #2. For returns totaling 9,500 pounds or more, please contact 515-289-5705, 515-289-5706 or 515-289-5707 for a truckload carrier. Failure to use the approved carrier will result in the excess freight being charged back to the Dealer. See marketing policy for more details.