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Stubble Damage

Strong Crops Demand Strong Tires

Today’s hardier crops are good for yield, but not so good on tires. Stubble damage can stop fieldwork in its tracks, but there are ways to minimize its impact on your bottom line.

Reducing and preventing stubble damage

For years, farmers did their best to lessen the impact of stubble on their tires through homemade ingenuity. Today there are a variety of commercially available products on the market that have been specifically designed to prevent stubble damage to agricultural tires. While Firestone does not endorse or recommend specific products, these are a few of the many available devices on the market*:

Stalk Smasher

Stalk Roller

Stalk Stomper

Stalk Crusher

See our technical bulletin: Device for Protecting Tires from Stubble Damage

How does Stubble Damage Effect Your Tires

Take a look at how stubble damage effects Ag tires in this video with Firestone AG tire expert Tom Rodgers.

Tips on Dealing with Stubble

Learn how to protect your tires from stubble damage in this video with Firestone AG Tire expert Tom Rodgers.

Firestone's Stubble Damage Policy

Terms and conditions, and products covered under our policy.

We’re here for you and your farm

To find out more about what Firestone is doing to minimize the effects of stubble damage on tires and tracks, talk to your local Certified Firestone Dealer