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Maxi Traction

Engineered for Improved Wear Performance

Improved Tread Wear*

Steeper bar taper resists irregular wear and leads to longer tire life.

Reduced Soil Compaction

AD2 technology mitigates soil compaction with the potential to lower inflation pressures, creating a longer and flatter footprint.

Increased Contact Area

R-1W skid depth with dual-angle technology improves wearable volume by increasing the contact area as compared to our previous Firestone Ag R-1 Tread Patterns

Maxi Traction

Firestone Ag's Maxi Traction tire is a new tire option from Firestone. Take a look at this video as Firestone AG tire expert Joe Woodward tells us more.

The Premium Radial for Hardworking Farms

Maxi Traction increases performance, traction and comfort so you can maximize your time in the field. Talk to your local dealer.  

Versatile Traction

The R-1S tread depth provides traction in a variety of soil conditions.

Variety of Application Needs

Maxi Traction brings AD2 Technology to your sprayer, combine, or tractor. 

Longer Tire for Life

The R-1W skid depth provides improved wear performance and a more comfortable ride.

Maximum Warranty Protection

Each Maxi Traction tire includes our 9-year limited warranty, so you know we are prepared to go to the distance.

Maximum Everything

Expect big things from Maxi Traction.

Find a Dealer

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