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Introducing Performer EVO

Firestone Minute by Firestone AG: Performer EVO

In this video, we'll introduce the Performer EVO tire line that is designed to meet the needs of more farmers.

For a Job Well Done

Not every tractor works 5,000 acres of row crops or has to withstand miles of chopped corn stalks. But every tractor deserves a Firestone. Performer EVO was designed specifically for your secondary tractor, and for the everyday jobs that make the big ones possible: hauling hay, picking rocks, spreading manure. The R-1W tread depth provides traction in a variety of soil conditions and deeper tread for longer wear (versus standard R-1 tires). And every tire is backed by a 6-year limited warranty*.

Why Choose Performer EVO?

This is Firestone-tested quality designed for multiple jobs on your farm. Download the Brochure.

Versatile Traction

The R-1W tread depth provides traction in a variety of soil conditions.

Variety of Application Needs

Maxi Traction brings AD2 technology to your sprayer, combine, or tractor.

Longer Tire for Life

The R-1W skid depth provides improved wear performance and a more comfortable ride.

Our Warranty

The Performer EVO include 6-year limited warranty, as well as a field hazard and stubble policy (certain restrictions apply).

Find a Dealer

Ready to get to work? We are. Find ouw here your closest dealer is.