Scraper Tires From Firestone

Scraper tires are those designed to support the unique needs of today’s tractor scrapers and earthmoving equipment. From tandem and elevating scrapers to augers and open bowl types, Firestone has the right tire for your equipment, and  Firestone scraper tires are designed to keep you rolling until the job gets done, all with minimal soil disturbance.

Harvey S. Firestone set the standard for our tractor tires, and at the Firestone Farm Tire Test Center, we continue his commitment to excellent. Our 350-acre testing facility dedicated to rigorous ongoing tire testing and development. 

SGG - Super Ground Grip Tire

The SUPER GROUND GRIP bias ply tire features a self-cleaning directional tread design for earthmover, loader/dozer and grader applications offers exceptional flotation and traction in soft soil or mud environments.

SRG - Super Rock Grip Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias tire offers a wide base for added stability and rubber compounds designed for wear resistance on improved surfaces in dock and in rail yard applications.

SRG DT - Super Rock Grip Deep Tread Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP DEEP TREAD bias tire is designed for a variety of haulage trucks, with certain sizes designed to withstand heavy loads and scorching temperatures of slab and slag carriers. Also designed for a number of industrial applications.

SRG LD - Super Rock Grip Loader Dozer Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP bias ply tire offers a heavy duty nondirectional tread design. It features exceptional traction and resistance to cutting and chipping in loader/dozer applications, as well as heat resistance in earthmover and grader service.