Scraper tires

E67 - Scraper Tire

The E67 bias tire is designed specifically for scraper applications requiring extra-heavy duty performance. The unique non-directional self-cleaning tread pattern and added sidewall protection are ideal for adverse rocky environments.

SGG Tire

The SUPER GROUND GRIP bias ply tire features a self-cleaning directional tread design for earthmover, loader/dozer and grader applications offers exceptional flotation and traction in soft soil or mud environments.

SRG Tire

The SUPER ROCK GRIP™ bias tire offers a wide base for added stability and rubber compounds designed for wear resistance on improved surfaces in dock and in rail yard applications.


The SUPER ROCK GRIP™ DEEP TREAD bias tire is designed for a variety of haulage trucks, with certain sizes designed to withstand heavy loads and scorching temperatures of slab and slag carriers. Also designed for a number of industrial applications.


The SUPER ROCK GRIP™ LOADER DOZER bias ply tire offers a heavy duty nondirectional tread design. It features exceptional traction and resistance to cutting and chipping in loader/dozer applications, as well as heat resistance in earthmover and grader service.