Specialized Transport Tires

FD690™ PLUS Tire

Recommended for tandem and single drive axle applications in long haul service, regional haul service and pickup and delivery service.

FD691™ Tire

A fuel efficient closed shoulder tandem axle drive tire designed for long- and regional-haul service.

FS591™ Tire

An on-highway all-position radial tire recommended for steering applications in long-haul and regional service.

FT491™ Tire

A radial tire suitable for all-position use but designed for single- and tandem-axle trailer and dolly applications in long haul and regional service.

T819™ Tire

An all-position radial designed for steer, drive, and trailer positions in on/off-highway service.

T831™ Tire

Extreme service drive tire for on/off highway applications.