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Technical Bulletins

Rear Tractor/Forestry Tube Installation

Date: JUNE, 1999

Field experience has shown that tubes sometimes do not adjust well to the inside contour of the tire because the tube surface does not always slip when in contact with a tire that has little or no inside lubrication. This is the reason for industry recommendations to inflate, deflate, reinflate. This condition is more pronounced in natural rubber tubes and, as in butyl tubes, may cause folding, tearing or excessive stress on the valve.

It is recommended that natural rubber tubes be lubricated before mounting in addition to the inflate, deflate, reinflate cycle. This assures that the tube can adjust to the shape and contour of the tire/rim envelopes. As a minimum, the inside (rim side) and the sidewalls should be lightly lubricated with an approved mounting lubricant. An acceptable and easily applied substitute is oil soap available in spray bottles for home use. It can be diluted 50% with tap water.Proper lubrication along with the inflate, deflate, reinflate cycle should eliminate or substantially reduce damage to the tube during the mounting operation.

Contact Firestone Field Engineering at 1-800-847-3364 or the Firestone Tube Company at 1-800-553-6008 if you have any questions.