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Technical Bulletins

Care & Maintenance of Harvester Tires


Date: NOVEMBER, 1997

NOTE: This bulletin replaces F-064-X issued in January 1997.


Agricultural tires are designed to carry a specified load at a specific inflation pressure when mounted on the approved rim. When these conditions are met, the deflection of the tire is in the optimum range and optimum tire performance can be expected. If this combination of design factors is altered, tire performance will, more than likely, be reduced.Proper inflation for the load being carried is essential for optimum performance. Use an accurate gauge to check inflation pressure.


Even though the tire may still be operable, consider replacing the tire if any of the following conditions are present.

  • Loss of traction
  • Tread worn
  • Increased usage in wet soils 
  • A major change in operating conditions
  • Increase in implement weights
  • Increase in pulling leads
  • Change in implement attachments
  • Increased usage on hard surfaces   
  • Unusual/spotty tread wear  
  • Isolated bulges or bubbles in the tread or in the sidewall due to separations   
  • Hazard damage
  • Torn or missing drive lugs
  • Deep cracks or cuts in the tread/sidewall. Cuts or breaks that enter or expose the   tire body fabric should be promptly repaired to prevent moisture and foreign material from further deteriorating the tire. If repair is not possible, discard the tire. 


  • It is best to store a vehicle on blocks to remove all weight from the tires.  
  • If the vehicle cannot be blocked up for storage, take all possible weight off the vehicle so minimum weight will rest on the tires.  
  • Keep tires inflated to recommended operating pressure.  
  • The surface should be level, firm, well drained, clean, and even. (Do not store on gravel or other erose surface where pebbles, gravel, etc. could become imbedded in the tread.)
  • Do not store on blacktop or other oil stabilized surfaces.

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